Bioinformatics Scientist, NGS


About Mitra bio

Mitra bio is a start-up backed by Illumina and University of Oxford that aims to disrupt skincare and skin health
through genomics. Mitra is developing a skin longevity platform to enable non-invasive diagnostics and therapeutics
for the skin starting with skin ageing

There will be ample opportunity for growth in this role as the company expands with generous share options.


This is not a typical bioinformatics position. You are involved with cutting edge methylation studies financed by
Illumina to advance skin diagnostics and discovery of novel anti-aging treatments. You work will translate into an
impactful product in the hands of consumer. In this customer focused and technically savvy role, you will develop
bioinformatics pipelines for Next Generation Sequencing with a focus on DNA methylation and deliver the results to
the customer. You work alongside the founding team to develop bespoke methodologies and algorithms, for analyzing
whole genome sequencing data and use ML for discovering biomarkers.


• Deliver timely, in-depth, and start-of-the-art analyses of high throughput data generated from various platforms
like next generation sequencing (NGS) and array data from various domains (genomics, transcriptomics,
epigenomics, microbiome, etc.)
• Maintain our existing HPC infrastructure hosted on AWS including data storage, analysis pipelines, compute
nodes and AWS specific user/role/resource permissions
• Develop and expand the existing computational infrastructure including but not limited to: expansion of the
AWS compute framework with a heavy emphasis on increasing automation and throughput, designing and
developing new bioinformatic analysis pipelines and using cutting edge downstream analysis techniques to
produce actionable results
• Work autonomously and possess the ability to troubleshoot issues that may arise
• Manage multiple projects simultaneously and complete analyses in a timely & reliable manner
• Surveying the literature and attend conferences to incorporate discoveries and findings from the
bioinformatics/genomics community into study opportunities, internal understanding and new commercial
service areas
• Collaborate with other team members and the bioinformatics team

Skills & Experience

- MSs or PhD in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, or related subject
- Proficiency in Python and/or R for downstream analysis
- Proficiency in bash scripting and all aspects of bioinformatic pipeline design and implementation
- Proficiency in relational database design, implementation and maintenance (MySQL)
- Experience in AWS maintenance and deployment including infrastructure as code automated deployment
from github


- Familiarity with Linux network/server administration
- Experience in additional languages i.e. C++ or Java
- Industry experience- Knowledge of multi-account separation of responsibilities and other secure compliance strategies
- Knowledge of DSL2 Nextflow
- Experience in analysis of Oxford Nanopore sequencing data is advantageous.
- Experience in analysis of epigenetics data such as DNA methylation and variant analysis (GWAS)
- Strong experience in modern software development and deployment techniques such as continuous
integration, github actions, unit testing and automated deployment to AWS
- Knowledge of Research Governance, data Protection Act and Good Clinical Practice


Please send your CV and cover letter to Cristiana (