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We are transforming skincare by approaching ageing as a disease to be fought. We are developing a genetic and epigenetic discovery platform to help skincare companies find and develop new compounds that actually fight the root cause of skin ageing.

Targeting the root cause of ageing
Our Mission

Targeting the root cause of ageing

Our mission is to improve skin longevity by providing actionable insights into the skin's genetics and epigenetics. Genetic factors are hereditary and like eye or hair colour cannot be changed. Epigenetic factors are environmental and can be changed e.g smoking, diet, sleep and the compounds in your skincare routine.

By better understanding how skincare products impact our epigentic landscapes, we can identify new compounds which are more efficacious in fighting the root cause of ageing.

Our Vision

Enabling actionable discoveries

Our vision is to empower researchers, clinicians and brands to better understand the complex interplay between genetics and epigenetics and how this impacts skin longevity.

By using our platform researchers will turn genetic and epigenetic biomarker data derived from skin-patches into actionable insights for progress. By deeply understanding ageing, our partners will be able to develop the next-generation of skincare products that target the root causes of ageing, not just the wrinkles.