About Us

Rejuvenating the skin with data!

Formed in 2020, the company has the mission to use genomics to increase healthspan and enable precision therapies for the skin. Mitra has created a non-invasive skin diagnostics platform to power the development of age rejuvenating compounds. With a combination of clinical trials, non-invasive skin sampling, next-generation sequencing and state-of-the-art data science Mitra guides the design of novel skincare compounds that work directly on the human skin.

Meet the executive team

Shakiba Kaveh (Co-founder & CEO)

Strategist behind Mitra Bio and passionate about bringing genomics-led innovations to the skincare market. She previously worked at a skincare company and is an alumna of Cambridge University.

Cristiana Banila (Co-founder & CSO)

As a molecular biologist, Cristiana contributed to development of an epigenetic test for cervical cancer screening which is currently in trial by the NHS. She is translating her know-how to developing epigenetic skin tests for Mitra Bio. She is Oxford and Princeton alumna.


Dr Magnus Lynch, MD
Dermatologist Advisor
Jim Mainard
Business Advisor
Stephan Scruton
Finance Advisor

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